about octopus
We believe in straight talking, curved thinking. It underpins everything we do. You’ll see it in original creative thinking; in our simple but rigorous operational processes, and our open and transparent communications. Our creative team thrive on meeting design challenges and will never allow a great concept to be restrained by budget. This approach has been our philosophy since we launched in 1994 and still holds true today.

From our offices in Henley-on-Thames, Octopus Design Group offers a range of services: octobrand, octoweb, octoprint, octoevent and octocomms. We can help you plan your marketing around these services providing clear strategy, innovative ideas and practical solutions to achieve maximum results for your business.

In addition to our core team of agency experts we also work with Business Partners - each a specialist in their area. This means our team of creatives, project managers and support staff remains lean and responsive, and we custom-build a project team to provide the optimum solutions for your individual business needs. Our approach is good for budgets too, because our efficient work practices and low overheads save you money.

You could say we’re an agency for today’s world. Why not see what we can do for you?